Harrison Foods

Bringing a fresh viewpoint to an old industry.

Grocery stores are so much more than they were even 20 years ago. Before, we'd run to the local graocery chain store to grab some butter, milk, meat and vegetables.

Now, they are a source of energy- and life-sustaining ingredients to help us stay healthy, alert and happy. It's not so much that we view the store itself differently, but our attitudes towards food have changed considerably.

The Mission

We know that for many people, "sustainably-sourced", "fair trade" and "organic" are simply buzzwords for yuppies who have more money than brains.

Harsh! We get it though. How can one box of granola, made by the same company, cost 40% more just because it says "organic" on it? Ridiculous! The truth is, the food prices we have grown up with are not realistic. Organic food prices reflect the corners which can not be cut when producing the product, and the lower harvest yields per hectare due to natural farming (without chemicals).

Food for Good

Harrison Foods believes in giving back.

If you are heading up a charitable organization to feed the hungry, please get in touch with us. We can't help everyone, but if your values align with ours we'd definitely love the opportunity to do whatever we can. Use our standard contact from with "Food for Good" as the recipient!