California Farms Evaporated Milk (24x12OZ )

California Farms Evaporated Milk (24x12OZ )
Evaporated Milk is the food obtained from fresh whole cow's milk, with all its nutrients, from which one half of the water has been removed. It is a light colored opaque liquid, smooth and uniform throughout; free of any lumping and curdling. It has a clean mild cooked flavor with a slightly sweet aroma. It contains not less than 6.5 % by weight of milk fat, not less than 16.5% by weight of milk solids not fat, and not less than 23% by weight of total milk solids. Evaporated milk contains added vitamin D. It is homogenized. The manufacture of this product includes pasteurization and subsequent filling into clean cans and ends. Evaporated milk is processed by heat to prevent spoilage.
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