Saco Foods Buttermilk Powder (12x12OZ )

Saco Foods Buttermilk Powder (12x12OZ )
SACO Cultured Buttermilk Blend is the first real buttermilk available to consumers in generations, and the only cultured dry buttermilk currently available on grocers shelves. We make SACO Buttermilk Blend from real sweet cream, churned buttermilk - unlike the fluid buttermilks found in today's dairy cases that are made from skim milk instead of real buttermilk. Because SACO Buttermilk Blend is made with real buttermilk, it contains natural emulsifiers that remain after the butter has been churned. These emulsifiers improve the volume, texture, and aroma of your baked goods, and extend their freshness. - See more at: http: - - sacofoods.com - products - view - cultured-buttermilk#sthash.afVqFUrl.dpuf
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